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DJ Vicious started listening to music at a very young age and was always inspired by all types of music. Every time he was in the club he paid more attention to the dj’s skills than the party itself. After a few parties he saw that this (Being a Dj) is what he wanted to do,so in 2001 he hooked up with a Dj that knew a lot about dj’ing.

After that Dj gave him a few important pointers he started saving up for equipment.When he had enough, he bought two technics 1200MK2′s turntables and a decent mixer. After countless hours of experimenting, it was obvious that this was more than a hobby for him, it was something he really wanted to do.

Dj Vicious started to get gigs at Hip hop and R&B parties. After many bookings people and party organisers started to notice him , many of these organisations are still working with Dj Vicious and together they have many things planned for the future.

Dj Vicious wanted to do something different and new, something that other dj’s didn’t do.Since he’s originally from the British West Indies (The Caribbean) he came up with something special that he would do to stand out.The thing that made Dj Vicious stand out was the fact that he also played Caribbean music (Like dancehall & Soca) and combined this with the Hip-hop and R&B music.

That combination blended so well that he started making mixcd’s so that people could hear Dj Vicious spin, without having to attend a party (So he could convince them to come to his gigs). Dj Vicious devoted 80 minutes of dancehall, Reggae & Soca to a dancehall mixcd called “Riddim Ryders”, which is still going strong up to this day.

The next step was to let people see the other side of him. So Dj Vicious teamed up with Ambush and they began making the Hip Hop, R&b & Dancehall mixcd called “Most wanted”. The most wanted mixcd’s got an even more positive feedback.

Logo ViciousAs of lately Dj Vicious has been up to what he does best since the day he discovered that this is what he wanted to do playing at gigs in the Netherlands and also in other nearby countries. Working on his latest mixcds what he so enjoys doing, because he gets to do extra things that he can’t exactly do while he’s spinning at a gig. Which is one of the mean reasons why the mixcds are so special and made him stand out and have something special about him from the other dj’s. So this is what he plans to keep doing and of course every mixcd is different and he always brings something new to it. As times goes on Dj Vicious will keep spinning, keep mixing and do what he does best dj’ing.

So be on the lookout for DJ Vicious.

ATS Setup

  • The setup instructions for use of the Allianz E-Ticket Service are pretty straightforward. Simply send in the event submission form with the additional ticket info below using your PayPal email address or International bank account number (IBAN) below and we'll take it from there.
  • Rather have some personal assistance? No worries, you can contact us using the
  1. Supply of commercial in audio format needed, send your recorded commercial of max 25 seconds to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. Down-payment/security deposit required.
    • Over a 100 tickets sold: Will be deducted from applied fees as a down-payment.
    • Less then 100 tickets sold: Will be charged based on a security deposit.

Service: Awókey Events (E-Ticketing)

All-round E-Ticket Service (Awókey Events) is a new and distinctive e-ticket selling and promotional service for events. With this service event organizers can sell bar-code enabled tickets or reservations to their events. After each successful payment using secure payment providers like PayPal, Visa, Mastercard Bancontact or iDEAL our system generates a unique verifiable e-ticket that is automatically mailed to your costumers.

At Awókey Entertainment we believe in a fair collaboration to secure common interests. That's why using our e-ticket system comes with additional online promotion from our part. One important aspect of this type of collaboration is that besides publishing posts automatically, we also help increase social media activity by engaging with our clients' social media posts which in turn also promotes organic growth on your channels. The social media channels Awókey Entertainment operates from are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and also includes the interaction of the personal accounts of at least two promo staff members.

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