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Expansion of Awókey Radio Programming

womanheadphonesAfter successfully testing the 24/7 beta stream of Awókey Radio on stability. We’re proud to announce the beginning of the implementation of theme based radio programming.

With theme based radio programming our aim is to further broader our audience. We will be introducing a slightly narrower branch of programming targeted on a more specific music style. These programming’s will include popular music genres and will be scheduled to typically commence around the evening.

Here are the flavours that we will officially be introducing in the long run:

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Dancehall Sweets 3 Year Anniversairy Cancelled

Dancehall Sweets CancelledAidonia, born Sheldon Lawrence, will not be at Dancehall Sweets in Amsterdam on 5 September.

Quite the disappointment for Dutch dancehall fans and you might be wondering WHY?

How is it that this is the third dancehall artist within a month's time that was promised by Dutch promoters and in fact was not there?

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