Behind the Scenes of Pat It Up by Tommy Lee Sparta

While on his 2014 European Tour dancehall artist Tommy Lee Sparta made the most of his time and recorded the video for his sexy hit “Pat it Up”. Dancehall Explorer met up with Tommy Lee Sparta and his team to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of the video shoot in Rotterdam.
The video was directed and shot by Wayne South, a video director famous for directing videos for artists such as Vybz Kartel and I Octane. South was flown in from Kingston to Rotterdam and did not have much time for sightseeing as he was working on the set the day after he touched ground in the Netherlands. Even though it was hard to find dancehall dancers available on such short notice, we could still count on

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Party Report: Soca vs Dancehall "Jouvert Morning Edition"

On 27 February 2015 it was once again time for Soca vs Dancehall's annual Jouvert Morning Edition.

Jouvert Morning

The Jouvert Morning edition is a bacchanal characterized by patrons coming out in their pyjamas and getting on bad. For those of you not familiar with "jouvert morning" it's a term that comes from the French jour ouvert which translates to the break of dawn. Many Caribbean islands celebrate this break of dawn during Carnival season by hitting the streets very early in the morning wearing their PJ's, bathrobes or any other crazy sexy outfit they feel comfortable in. With a large number of islanders here in Rotterdam it's no surprise that the Soca vs Dancehall organization holds a successful Jouvert Morning edition every year. This year was even a little too successful as the line outside was so long that the party sold out before everyone got in. With over 600 guests inside 

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Red Eye Crew: Dancehall from St. Maarten

While on their 2015 European tour the dancehall group Red Eye Crew (R.E.C.) from St. Maarten sat down with Dancehall Explorer to talk about their music, SXM girls and what their future plans are.

The four guys all in their mid 20’s gave an energetic performance at Soca vs Dancehall in Rotterdam and brought the Caribbean Dancehall Queen Kalalisha with them.

Check out the interview plus footage of Red Eye Crew’s performance at a sold out edition of Soca vs Dancehall in Club Empire.

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