Radio Programming: #CaribConnect

The name names clearly gives it away, radio programming focussed on beats from the Caribean. From reggae, Dance Hall, Zouk, Soca and more.

Tune in on Wednessdays 8 PM CEST for your connention to the Caribbean.

Mr. Vegas Warns Artists For VP Records

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Last weekend Mr. Vegas took to Facebook to warn his fellow collegues from major reggae label VP Records who according to him is performing some shady business in reggae music industry.

Mr. Vegas is accusing the label of stealing royalties by witholding fees owned by stating that the titles are being administered by another administrator.

See his post below:

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Akon Lights Up Africa With His Very Own Energy Project

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It's a shame how mass media always quick to publish negativity in the news especially about minorities or or non-western countries. Think about the whole ebola coverage or police brutality on blacks and minorities. Therefor we as people must pay better attention to notice any positive news nowadays.

With that said, you guys remember Akon from his many hits including the single "Smack That" featuring Eminem? Well word is out since last year, that Mr. Convict is working on a charity initiative to help bring electricity the households of over 600 million people in Africa.

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