With the launch of the carnival season a couple of weeks back, the celebration of DJ Jizza’s birthday and of course our recent Awókey Mas Tabanca fix at Club Laxx in Rotterdam we most definitely had a lot to celebrate. We would like to thank all who came out to party with us at Waistline Shotz last Friday and we of course hope see you all on the road again next year.
Thankfully our hard work helped us make a lot of new friends on the road this year. Besides our beautiful new resident DJ for our Awókey Mas music truck, Miss RiRi, we’re also happy to welcome Movements Family and Soca Loco as our new partners in mas.

Speaking of carnival, our theme for this year was the revelation of Angels and Jab Jab which was inspired by the Chinese Philosophy of Yin & Yang and received a lot of positive feedback. All energies are to be treated equally, whether they are female, male, black, white, emotional or rational, no one is greater than the other.

So now that we’ve learned to guard and balance our energies, the time has arrived to unite and start building. As structure is fundamental when building, our new theme for carnival next year is inspired by one of earths highly structured solid materials who are are also related to a girl's best friend. We're ofcourse talking about Crystals! The word crystal derives from the Ancient Greek word krustallos, meaning both "ice" and "rock crystal", from kruos, "icy cold, frost".

Be on the lookout for our costume presentations in a January as we present to you our theme for Awókey Mas 2020 at Rotterdam Summer Carnival: “The Crystal Kingdom”

In contrary to carnival this summer, for next year we use an additional float to represent our theme even better. And to top that off, besides our Fun Mas section (which was a huge success), we will also host an individual section for people to design their own costumes based on our theme and color representation.

Contact us for more information on our individual section and more and make sure to follow us @AwókeyMas on all social channels to stay updated!

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