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ONE WOMAN (Official Music Video) - Motto ' Soca 2019 '

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Team Foxx presents: ‘One Woman’

Executive Producers: Jameel “Jay Revolution” Bellerand and JenCar Management
Directed by: Jay Revolution
Produced By: Jenais Carter
Camera: Jay Revolution, Kevin "Vexmony" Beharry
Edit/VFX/Sound: Jay Revolution
Key Grip/Audio: Adrian Coggins, Mical Teja Williams
Set Photographer: Jerome McClean
Behind the Scenes Camera: Jenais Carter, Adrian Coggins, Kevin Beharry, Jerome McClean
Cast: Lashley “Motto” Winter, Janaia Clarke

Special Thanks - Ryan Girdharry (Tzar)
Stephan McConnie (Don't Drink Indoors DDI Tours)
Xtreme Dance Academy
Trés Belle Modelling Agency

Song Credits:
Lashley ' Motto ' Winter
Produced, Written, Mix and mastered by Lashley ' Motto ' Winter (@teamfoxxmusic)

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