Alleged Predator Spotted at Miami Carnival (FollowSoca)
#Repost @followsoca @download.ins --- Earlier this year, famalay reached out to Follow Soca to bring awareness to an alleged Jouvert predator. In the email it states: -In 2015 a hashtag on Twitter was started called #blockoutyao due to twitter user @iAmYaoKhari admitting in a tweet to molesting a 12 year old girl. -People tried to find out more information about the identity of the 12 year old girl to help her, but were unable to get him to volunteer more information to bring it to the authorities. -Yao changed his name on Twitter but the account was still suspended. Fast forward to 2021 -A person familiar with the 2015 story, sees a person that looks like Yao at Jouvert with a chair. -Memorial weekend, the person that looks like Yao shows up at another Jouvert with the chair. People are sending Follow Soca videos of him at a Jouvert in Miami -Allegedly, he is not West Indian, does not dance, and only brings chairs to different jouverts so woman can sit on him. -Allegedly, he attends Jouverts in Florida and Georgia and conducts suspicious behavior while at these events. -Masqueraders that saw him behaving inappropriately stepped in -Allegedly, he was last seen at Miami Carnival having an amazing time in One Island Band.


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