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Aruba Bandit & Valentino King: "2 of Aruba's final Most Wanted"

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Two of Aruba’s most prolific artists combine talents on this record to address some of the cultural concerns affecting the island of Aruba. Both Aruba Bandit and Valentino King has represented the island in various countries such as the USA, Canada and Europe. This record is off Aruba Bandit’s fifth studio album “Now or Never”, a collaborative project with R&B singer Eyonna Davis who vocals are also featured on this record.

Directed and edited by: Video “Snipes” Vlad
Shot by: Video “Snipes” Vlad, Frederik “Professor” Bernabela & Gregory “Gorry Art” Louis
Drone shots courtesy of: Jonathan Koole
Visual assistant: Raheem Smith
Record Produced by: DopeBoyzMusic X Dreamlife Beats
Recorded by: King Sage at King Sage Studios and MHMG Studios
Locations: Flow Barbershop Aruba, Richie Rich's Yard NY

©2017 5th Quarter Records

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