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Teddyson John & Intl Stephen: "Vent"

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[Subscribe NOW!!] | [Instagram] | [All] | Directed by Loggo Lionel and Danielle Du Bois

Lead Actors
1. Iva Lisa Mendes Hussein (IG:
2. Deshawn Augustin (IG: @ti_blacks)
Hair Salon Actors
1. Cecile Actille
2. Darlene Staninslaus IG: @sparklendee
3. Kiesha St. Helen
4. Shanice Everiste
5. Sherline Gittens (IG: @sherline_gittens
6. Shernel Justin
7. Melissa Trimmingham
8. Alarna Corsinee (IG: alarnacorsinie)
9. Vernita Alexander
10. Seth Hussein
11. Chad Hussein

Special thanks to Teacher Petrona F. Philbert and the theatre students of the Anse Ger Secondary School

Casting and Production Management by Danielle Du Bois (IG:@danisweets01) of Dramacan (Fb @dramacan758)
Special Thanks to Pamela of Strandz Hair Salon

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