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Sekon Sta & Patrice Roberts: "My Side"

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[All] | Written by Kit Israel and Nesta Boxill
Additional Background Vocals by Nesta Boxill, Patrice Roberts and Kit Israel
Produced by AdvoKit Productions
Mastered by Precision Productions

Lead Actors: Sekon Sta, Patrice Roberts and Nailah Blackman
Director: @Lord_edit_ & Sekon Sta
Executive Producer: @Mel_esco
Production Manager: Lord Edit
Production Coordinator: Melissa Escovalez
Stylist: Risanne Martin, Keylon Whitlock & Neil Young
Creative Direction: Melissa Escovalez, Lord Edit, Sekon Sta & Anson Soverall
Editor: Lord_edit_
Grip, Lighting and Equipment: Sir Ian Davis/ @Avena.Studios
Camera Operator: @Siriandavis_ & Lord Edit
Special thanks to @SkallywagBay, Kyle Phillips, Anson Soverall

a Lord Edit Production

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