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Video produced by Preciselee Films - Junior Lee

Bwa Bande' Riddim Is a Fusion of the vintage sound that combined with today’s mainstream groovy soca. This riddim is designed to evoke that nostalgic sense of what the ideal provocative dance represents. Bwa Bande is French Creole for erect wood. One of the uses of this mysterious wood is that of adding flavor to Rum. In addition, Bwa Bande believed to have Aphrodisiac properties hence the reason for naming this project after it. 2018 Vincy Mas is the perfect stage for sampling this love potion with artists such as, Hance John, Rondy Luta Mc Intosh, Kevon Yankeyboy Heath, Delroy Hooper and Fadda Fox serenading the audience with their enticing flavors.

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