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Natural VS Hybrid Plants

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You are not made from Vitamins you are made from Minerals. Your blood is the iron mineral. Your bones is the calcium mineral. Your heart is the gold mineral. Your brain is the copper mineral. Your pineal gland is the carbon mineral etc. You can find these minerals in natural plants made by nature. They convert the rock mineral into a liquid mineral. Mother Nature does this specifically for us and the animals who live off plants. The food you eat can be the fastest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. Our research is from Dr Sebi, his teachings provides us with the knowledge and overstanding that we deliver to you. We do this for those who care about eating to live. Please share our findings as we are obligated to share our findings with you, The People. The truth is not for everyone, some people would prefer to ignore the truth and stay ignorant. What one believes effects no one but the believer. Knowledge Talks, Wisdom Listens

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