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Don’t you get tired of all contests and actions different organizations ask you to participate in for a chance to win some cool free stuff? Well not anymore!

Awókey Entertainment brings you: “Awókey Giveaways”.

Many artists and organisations are actually willing to offer a lot of cool free stuff mainly cause of it's promotional benefits. With Allianz Entertainment you won't have to participate in any annoying contests from which the answers can in most cases simply be found online. We will also never ask you to promote our business for a chance to win something. All you have to do is hit the sign-up button after you login for a chance to win free tickets to the hottest events, brand new music releases (from a single mp3 download to a complete album or mixtape cd) and many other entertainment related items.

And of course we’re not going to have you fill in an annoying registration form, just use your Facebook credentials to  logon to our website!

For all active raffles available for registration go to

We won’t ask you to like us on Facebook, we won’t ask you to follow us on Twitter, we won’t ask you to resend our messages… just a simple mouse click. Test your luck!

Feel free to contact us for information on any of our services.

Awókey Entertainment
“A Higher Level in Entertainment”

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