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Keyz is the online virtual currency from Allianz Entertainment. You can earn Keyz by performing various activities on the site, the Keyz you earn can then be spend online for purchasing music, tickets to the hottest event, advertising space and many many more...

Entertainment Fans

Are you a big fan of a special kind of music or event? You can earn Keyz by sharing these special kind of interests on our website. Simply add that mixtape of your favourite DJ or drop that hot music video from that artist you like so much. Another way to earn Keyz is by recommending Awókey Entertainment to others by inviting them to join our website.

Professional Entertainers

If you are a professional entertainer such as a recording artist or performer you can gain that extra exposure and even stack big by selling your entertainment related products with us. Contact us for more info.

What are you waiting for? Start earning today!

Activity rates:

  Keyz Method
Site Registration: 100 Automatically
Link Submission: 5 Automatically
Article  Submission: 100 Manually
Referral Earnings: 1 % Automatically
Royalties/revenue: -10 % Automatically/manually
Set Location: 25 Automatically

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