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This summer we're taking it to the road!

Catch Awókey Entertainment on the road in 2019!

The urge to promote soca music on the road had been flowing true our veins here at Awókey Entertainment ever since we've delivered DJ services for a Carnival group called La Diferencia a few years ago. This unprecedented collaboration resulted in the group wining 1 place for Best Animator of Rotterdam Summer Carnival in 2016. 

The years after we've decided to jump right in and started spending most time preparing for this participation on this big day by working closely with Rotterdam Carnival Events, Spiceland Entertainment and Karnival Mania for Notting Hill Carnival. We proud to announce that the that big special day is finally here! 

Are you also tired of working all year around without a proper chance to break free? Are your looking for truly liberating carnival experience? Than join Awókey Mas Freedom Limerz this Summer at Rotterdam Summer Carnival 2019!

Freedom Limerz, is the brand new and official carnival group of Awókey Entertainment and they are scheduled to participate in the annual Summer Carnival parade of the Rotterdam Unlimited street festival that starts on July the 23th. 

We've teamed up with the best carnival enthusiasts to bring you a carnival experience like no other! Whether you're a local limer or a masquarader visiting from abroad, Awókey Mas Freedom Limerz is dedicated to deliver a unique Carnival experience that makes you truly want to break free!  

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