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All-round E-Ticket Service

All-round Ticket Service (ATS) is a new and distinctive e-ticket selling service for events. With this service event organisers can sell QR-code enabled tickets or reservations to their events. After each succesfull payment using secure payment options for PayPal, creditcard or iDEAL our system generates a unique verifiable e-ticket that is automatically mailed to your costumers.

At Allianz Entertainment we believe in a fair collaboration to secure common interests. That's why our All-round Ticket Service comes with a unique promotional serrvice included. One important aspect of doing so is that we help increase social media activity by interacting with all the social media post from our clients. The social media channels Allianz Entertainment operates from are FacebookInstagram and Twitter and also includes the interaction of the personal accounts of at least two promo staff members.

Optionally you may also choose to increase the promotion of your event even more. Check-out our All-round Promo Service or contact us for more information. 

To setup Allianz Ticket Service for your events (free of charge) simply register and sign-in to to fill in the event submission form. This form can be accessed from below on the event submissions page.

Go to the drop-down menu called "Submissions" that can be found inside the menu called "Events", once your information is received we will contact you to validate your information prior to publishing your event.

Make sure you fill in your phone number at the contact section of the form for us to be able contact you.  

Sales Tracking
Once the service agreement for Allianz Ticket Service is confirmed, your account will be upgraded to the status of entertainer. This will give you the abilty to transperantly track your sales through our ATS dashboard that can be accessed through the same submissions page of the event section. Their is also the ability to view all (pending) orders, this gives you the ability to inspect adidtional info such as payment statusses, used payment options, offered discounts and more.  

Ticket Validation
Allianz Entertainment offers free on-site support for ticket validation on the big day of your event. We have a profesional on-site support team that uses mobile scanners to asure an air-tight acces control to your event.

The contitions for free on-site support is that a minimum of a 100 tickets sold is achieved. If before 5 pm on the date of your event, this quota is not reached, we will automatically stop the sale of tickets to your event. You will then receive a detailed list of completed orders for your own verification.

Optionally you may choose to extend the sales period utill after a time that your event has started which then will include on-site support and allow your ticket sales to continue. The costs for this extra service is € 50,- ex. VAT. 

Costs & Fees
The service fees are based on two criteria, the commision charged for the service and the transaction costs intended for the payment providers. The comission for this service is 3,5 % of the order total. The transaction costs however are fixed at € 0,50 for every paid order even if there were to two or more tickets bought. These charges are used to cover the costs of payment systems like iDEAL or PayPal . We do not charge per sold tickets!

The revenue minus the services fees are handled as soon as the sales period is over and usually takes 2 to 3 business days to process.  

For help setting up your event or for more information feel free to contact us.

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