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Awókey Entertainment is a fast growing multimediasharing platform and info-hub for partypeeple worldwide. started as a tradename of Triple J Productions in 2008. We offer products and services for music lovers, party people and entertainers worldwide.


Our aim is to form an international alliance between entertainers around the globe such as recording artists, producers, beat creators, event promoters, booking agencies and all other organizations operating in mainly music related entertainment.


b day bash club livvAfter doing years of volunteer work for Spiceland Entertainment (known for events such as Soca vs Dancehall, Fusion and Zomercarnaval at Night), Julien Johnathan Joshua Werleman took a chance and got introduced to the DJ game back in 2007 while having to perform at Urban Flavazz, a popular Urban/Caribbean event held several times at a centrally located club in Utrecht at The Netherlands back then known as City Hall.

While performing several gigs under the artist name DJ Jizza for a couple of years, Julien realized that mainly in the urban and Caribbean scene in The Netherlands, artists are not being respected the way that they should be. This ultimately was his inspiration to launch a bookings agency dedicated to mainly those types of artists seeking a professional uplifting of their careers. With the already adopted organizational and promotional skills however, this bookings agency quickly evolved into the dynamic entertainment company it stands for today.

Besides our regular promotional services offered to several organizations like Spiceland Entertainment, Dragon Production, DEN-E-SAUCE, COLORS and Micheal’s Mad House (just to name a few), the turning point for Awókey Entertainment however came back in 2008 when collaborated with The League (DJ Vicious) to organize an event called Best of Both Worlds. This event became a success and was well received by both the urban and Caribbean scene in Rotterdam.

In 2011 we launched the Music Distribution Service for both digital and physical distribution of music releases from artists, producers and labels.

Also at the end of 2012 we launched the Pre-sale E-Ticket Service which offers smaller organizations a professional barcode enabled presale e-ticket selling service including venue admission validation. 

Besides the several business solutions for entertainers that feeds our online event agenda and updates on hot music releases, we also launched an internet radio station for our visitors. In the future we are looking forward on broadcasting live radio shows promoting new music releases, events, upcoming artists and more.


jizzaAs Julien gets his inspiration mainly from his deeply rooted love for music. His drive is also feeded from relatives around the world operating in the entertainment industry, mainly his aunt Edwina Werleman from E2 Events & Celebrations better known as the manager from Claudius Phillips also known by his stage name "Mighty Talent" after winning the Road March King title 15 times and the Calypso King crown even 19 times.

Another influential relative is his uncle Mad Lion known for his best-selling album Real Ting released back in 1995. Nowadays mainly producing for KRS-ONE.

All-in-all, as Awókey Entertainment stands for an Alliance between people operating in entertainment, we are always open to collaborate on new entertainment related projects.

So feel free to contact us for more information about us, our products or our services.

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