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  • Summer Carnival 2021

    Summer Carnival 2021

    We've already tried Fighting and Writing,
    now it's time to LIME for Freedom!

    Join us on the road to play mas with THE better band
    for Rotterdam carnival

    Rotterdam Summer Carnival
    July 31th, Rotterdam
    The Netherlands
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  • Volunteers Wanted!

    Volunteers Wanted!

    For our Awókey Mas Freedom Limerz carnival group were looking for enthusiastic volunteers that are willing to help make Rotterdam Zomercarnaval 2020 another success!

    Do enjoy dancing and have a weakness for sweet soca music?

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Costume for Awókey Mas 2019 at Zomercarnaval Rotterdam

This year’s theme for Rotterdam Carnival events is “The Revelation of Angels and Jab Jab”. The theme is based on the Chinese Philosophy of Yin and Yang and is inspired by a combination of the modern day Caribbean carnival aspects as well as the more traditional Jab Molassie culture better known in Grenada as Jab Jab.

The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as contradictory yet inseparable opposites, for example, female-male, dark-light and old-young. The idea behind this year’s theme is to inspire people to look at the “GOOD” aspects of life more critical whilst being more open and understanding to all the “BAD” aspect of life. The most important part of the Yin and Yang symbol is the swirling effect between the two energy fields. It represents the illusion of duality (separation), once we accept both opposites as a whole will find peace and balance in life.

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