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Theme announcement for Rotterdam Carnival 2020 (Zomercarnaval)

First off we would like to wish everybody an abundance of blessings in love, health and prosperity for the year 2020! Last year we revealed the revelation between Angels & Jab Jab. We’ve learned that no matter how different we might think we are amongst each other, we all bleed the same color as we are all one, one human race. Zomercarnaval 2019 made it clear that we must start to behave in such matter and start uniting as one to build a better future for ourselves and our generations to come.

This year for Awókey Mas Freedom Limerz it’s all about strength, unity and transparency. It’s clear that the time has now arrived to unite and start building. It’s Crystal Clear! Therefor after our successful participation with Rotterdam carnival last year we’re proud and grateful to present to you our theme for Zomercarnaval 2020: “The Crystal Kingdom”. The crystal kingdom represents a unity amongst the people. A Unity based on a common interest, strength and trust.

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Costume for Awókey Mas 2019 at Zomercarnaval Rotterdam

This year’s theme for Rotterdam Carnival events is “The Revelation of Angels and Jab Jab”. The theme is based on the Chinese Philosophy of Yin and Yang and is inspired by a combination of the modern day Caribbean carnival aspects as well as the more traditional Jab Molassie culture better known in Grenada as Jab Jab.

The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as contradictory yet inseparable opposites, for example, female-male, dark-light and old-young. The idea behind this year’s theme is to inspire people to look at the “GOOD” aspects of life more critical whilst being more open and understanding to all the “BAD” aspect of life. The most important part of the Yin and Yang symbol is the swirling effect between the two energy fields. It represents the illusion of duality (separation), once we accept both opposites as a whole will find peace and balance in life.

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Waistline Shotz on the road with AM Freedom Limerz

13913787 1076402225748094 1437303353812677507 oAwókey Mas Freedom Limerz is a brand new Caribbean carnival group participating in the annual Rotterdam Summer Carnival Street festival organized by Rotterdam Unlimited in The Netherlands.

Awókey Mas was created by Julien Werleman aka DJ Jizza of Awókey Entertainment out of his love for soca music and it's uplifting carnival culture. After performing as a deejay on the truck for La Diferencia carnival group back in 2016, who also won first price for best animator, he decided to take a chance and assemble a group of his own.

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What accommodation do you recommend for international participants?

For accomodation during the weekend of Rotterdam Summer carnival we recommend The Student hotel in Rotterdam. This modern and welcoming Hotel is located at aproxamitly 15 min from the strating location of our parade at Blaak, Rotterdam. They have rooms starting from € 54,- a night (book before June 30) and also offer groups discounts. For more information you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send them a messgae here.


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